Tiny PowerPoint text paid for by Specsavers

The Specsavers marketing team has come up with a genius new way to drive sales higher, they have began paying lecturers to make all on screen text smaller. This tactic has already seen a 5 percent increase in sales but this is expected to go even further up as the week goes on. However some of our team are concerned this may be the last rise they see as their advertising department has been coming up with hit after hit. Who could forget the last weeks amazing innovation of moving peoples books further away from their faces as they are trying to read? Even that stroke of brilliance does not compare to their best working strategy from last month: getting drunk drivers lower fines and less prison time if they admit “I should have gone to Specsavers”.

Some students are disappointed in their lecturers for taking these bribes, so we would like to reassure our students this is something we at The Mendax would never consider doing.

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