Following Protests And Campaigns, Cat Girls Now Count towards Diversity Quotas.

Following a series of successful campaigns and protests to expand diversity in the workplace, companies have decided to include ‘cat people’ as a separate group in their diversity initiatives.

Employers have now taken steps to ensure cat people feel more included and accepted, by setting up cat posts and litterboxes, and even a separate laser pointer room to promote mental well-being. Each cat person also receives a personalised bell choker to wear with pride around the office.

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow” says Cheeto, the Chief Financial Officer for a major Oil Company. He says cat people pride themselves in being bi-lingual but should not be expected to speak English, or it was something about world domination.

Previously, the community expressed their dissatisfaction at being subjected to slurs such as ‘cat cosplayers’, where cat people have explicitly denounced the term saying it is an insult to their ‘true-identity’.

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