10 Downing Street Christmas Party “quite shit, honestly you were better off at home” claims source

Following recent accusations of a Christmas party haven taken place at 10 Downing Street in December 2020, The Mendax has reached out to an anonymous source said to have attended the infamous “business meeting” that breached lockdown regulations.

When questioned about the nature of the event, our source, dressed in a balaclava and speaking into a Paw Patrol plastic voice changing microphone to protect his identity, had this to say:

“Mmm yes, the Christmas business event. “Party” is a rather large claim, I’d say. You see, what the public fail to understand is that we are working tirelessly, day and night, sometimes with the accompaniment of wine and cheese, to contain the virus. The gathering, which was strictly for business purposes, was held as a matter of utmost importance; the accusations of frivolous partying amidst a global emergency is insulting.”

What is your response to those who sacrificed their Christmas plans due to the government guidelines?

“Again, I’ve been to a fair few parties in my time and this was hardly one. Of course, we exchanged Secret Santa gifts, but honestly the limit was under £50 so no one got anything remotely interesting. The meeting was quite shit, honestly the British public were better off staying at home and saving lives.”

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